Cloud Storage Services

As a leading Cloud services company in Kochi , we offer top cloud hosting services in Kerala and a secured virtual space that you could usually access through your browser or desktop. The actual location of cloud storage services may be in a remote data center, or a server, or a hard drive or a solid-state drive. There are plenty of services that come under cloud storage services and it is known as cloud data backup services, online cloud storage, online drive, online backup, file hosting, file storage, etc.

In fact, cloud storage services refer to storing your files somewhere for your business other than your computer’s hard drive and on the cloud service providers’ servers. Having the data on the cloud offers you the ability to access it via the internet anywhere, anytime and data transfer accordingly. The data is normally encrypted before transferring it over the internet to the provider’s server with its software and tools . It is also encrypted on the providers’ server too with high security. Every change made on the files is updated and uploaded accordingly with the specifications . So as a top notch cloud solution provider in Kerala , we fulfill the requirements with utmost commitment and scalability. Aabasoft: one of the best cloud service providers,India.

Aabasoft is also one of the leading cloud service providers,Kochi which aids the rise of object storage. So proceed with Aabasoft as you decide to go for cloud services kerala and cloud solutions kerala as it could make you outstanding.

Private Cloud

A private cloud is part of cloud solutions that are exclusively given to a single organization. By means of private cloud, an organization could experience the benefits of cloud computing without sharing resources and platforms with other organizations. It is an internal system in which data management lies within the confines of the company’s data center.

Public Cloud

A public cloud is part of cloud storage services offered to multiple customers by cloud service providers. The term "public cloud" is used to differentiate between the original cloud model of services accessed over the Internet and the private cloud model. Like all cloud services, public cloud storage services run on remote servers that Cloud storage providers manage. Customers of the provider access those services over the Internet.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud combines two or more types of cloud environments. Hybrid cloud deployments mix public and private clouds, and they may also include on-premises legacy infrastructure. These different cloud environments must be tightly interconnected with each other, essentially functioning as one combined infrastructure to make it more efficient. Almost all hybrid clouds include at least one public cloud.

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