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In a business process, Aabasoft is one of the best business process outsourcing companies, that manages to help for running a business remotely by adhering to international standards. Outbound call center services are an integral part of any business entity that looks forward to having more business prospects and improving sales.

Outbound contact centers help companies to keep in touch with these clients as they keep the costs in check. The main objective of a call center is to cater to its customers. It is essential that the companies always keep their needs in mind as they hire an experienced call center provider for outbound operations. As you proceed, especially regarding the outbound contact center, our team could help you enhance your business, improve your sales, follow up your mails, test unknown markets, make a good rapport with your customers, and above all make your business a success through outbound call centers.

Some of the key services as an outbound contact center we offer such as :

Lead Generation


Nowadays, every entity looks for good leads. outsourcing lead generation by a business outsourcing company could do a lot in such scenarios. If you wish to convert your potential or prospective customer into a long-term customer, then you can leave that herculean task to an outsourcing lead generation company. Aabasoft could give your organization more business opportunities with good leads. It could enhance your revenue and increase your profits. Aabasoft as a company highly experienced in business process outsourcing helps to generate more good leads. We provide lead generation services from different areas. This professional experience has enabled our lead generation professionals to generate more leads for our clients.

Aabasoft is a frontrunner outbound contact center in Kerala, India which offers your organization proficient lead generation and customized services. When you outsource lead generation in the business process that could make you reach the best sales leads appropriately. Your organization could see a good output with qualifications from our side.

We have expertise in business offering sales leads. Our well-versed professionals in lead generation could perform the best marketing services that could make a big impact on customers. Through the lead you get from us, your organization’s growth trajectory would be completely changed, and sales and profit would be increased.

Data Verification/List Cleaning


Data verification or list cleaning is the pre-process of Lead generation. Some clients have products or services dealt by in-house sales team. These activities may vary specifications quite often so the core activity is preferred to be handled by the in-house team rather than out sourced. Finding customers from a raw list is very hard and too much time consuming which may eventually affect the productivity of the business due to the low customer base building.

Aabasoft provides a solution for this problem by increasing the productivity of the in-house and in turn increasing the business for the client. The raw list provided by the client is called out by our outbound team and the interested base is segregated. This base is passed on to the in-house team by live transfers or shared real time. So now the in-house team is only calling interested customers which eventually lead to huge conversion and more business in lesser time. This is a proved design and adopted by many clients resulting in huge success for many years.

Surveys and Market Research


Surveys and Market Research is the most important component of a business strategy. Market research helps maintaining the competitiveness over competitors and the improvement on the products or services.

Aabasoft provided excellent resources to analyze and understand. Our team does surveys of existing customers and new customers. Surveys helps a lot in understanding the success of a product or a service, based on the same changes in the product or the service can be made and the also the product or service can be made publically know through strategies. Existing customers and expecting customers are both contacted through many means like calling, SMS campaigns and missed call campaigns. Their interest and curiosity in the product or the service is improved and reports are made on the basis of feedbacks. Reports, graphs, analysis and Voice of customers have done wonders for our clients, where they are able to sell their products or services the way customers want it.

Outbound Appointment Services


Aabasoft has got the finest team for the outbound activities, international or domestic. Appointment setting by out calling is productive service where the direct sales person or the technician of the product or service will not have to convince from the beginning.

The Outbound Team calls the set of the leads from which the inquiry came or what is provided by the client. The interest of the customer is calculated and appointment is fixed by looking into the slots available for the employees. Proper coordination is done to get the maximum convenient time for the customer planning it with the available time slots. The appointments are fixed and updated live to the sales agents or technicians prior to their shifts to manage properly. A well maintained system is maintained and the process is handled and overlooked by professionals where you do not miss anything.

Outbound Customer care services


Customer care is the most important service made available by clients to their customers and to inquiries. Aabasoft provides unique facilities to ensure the best customer care support.

There has always been the ideas and working for an Inbound customer care operation. It is not of much where outbound customer care works. Clients may not want their customer waiting on line long or going through IVR session to reach to tell their problems. Customers have been given options of logging their queries online and providing their contact. Customers will be given callbacks by our Outbound agents resolving their queries. The concept of missed call service is also done where the customer needs to give a missed call to the dedicated number and the agents call back addressing the queries.

Upselling and Cross Selling


Upselling and Cross selling are services which go along with customer care services or lead generation or also can be done straight. Upselling and cross Selling has its importance as long as a client has plans of improving their products and services, this is obvious change as to maintain competitiveness in the market and satisfy customer needs.

Aabasoft provides specialized agents who are cross trained professionals who can handle upselling and cross selling along with other activities. This activity done will not only promote the new products and their sales but also improve the level of customer satisfaction when they are not happy with a previous product or service. This has always been a tool for customer retention and greater satisfaction.

Soft Sell Calling


Soft Sell calling is not particularly is service as given. This is an advantage provided by Aabasoft in all its services. Soft Selling is mainly focused on the relationship building aspect of sales and services. Unlike hard selling we do not put psychological pressure to convince potential buyers, as they may turn aggressive if it happens to be an issue with the product or service later. Instead of the hard ways, passive methods are adapted to show them that we have the solutions what they need.

The advantages of soft selling are many, the retention of these customers are not hard, they percentage of them referring other customers is likely 100%, the greatest part is they are willing to be with the business even without media advertising.

Medical Reminders


This is a very sensitive process of reminding customers about their medication on time and their doctor visits. We act as a personal care taker.

There are a lot of people for whom medication has become a part of their daily routine. They have to be reminded well on their daily medicines and visits to doctor. These are done for individuals or for medical clients and their customers. All these medical patients have self alert systems in case of medical emergency. Their works are monitored and maintained to save life.

Aabasoft has always looked forward to overcome with reminders, the so called medical forgetfulness better known medications non-compliance or non-adherence.

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