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Online Data Capture services

Data capture service is a prime requirement for an organization that manages a vast amount of information stored in a complex manner; in different formats and locations. Simultaneously, It can also refer to the creation and conversion of data in different media formats. Data capture is mostly functioned on customer databases to evaluate customer behavior and demographic characteristics of customers. As one of the best data entry outsourcing companies in India, we enhance profit and financial margins for all our clients through our precise analysis and reporting capacities.

Image Data Entry Services

As one of the best data entry outsourcing companies in Kerala, Aabasoft’s image data entry team provides services that include high-speed scanning of images, data mining and capturing data from scanned images, image data entry updates, image retrieval, and image storage. We easily handle high-volume projects involving thousands of pages and images on a daily basis. Images can be in any format (including JPEG, GIF, PDF, and TIFF). Captured data could be converted into any chosen format such as databases and spreadsheets. Our data management professionals could also perform critical data validation and data cleansing tasks as per the requirement.

Medical Transcription

Aabasoft is the best data entry outsourcing company that manages services including medical transcription. Our team consists of the most skilled and professional talents who can organize a custom-made solution as per your market needs. Data entry Outsourcing healthcare transcription services to Aabasoft could enable you to focus better on patient care and offer your clients the best customer service. Our medical transcription solutions combine the elements of precision, flexibility, and security according to the preferences of different healthcare providers. As a top medical transcription company and business processing and outsourcing, we deliver a fast turnaround in quality for everything that we handle with high-security measures.

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