Payroll Management An ultimate solution for employee payroll management and reporting.

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EmPay We have strategic Employee management software with well managed payroll system. We provide an integrated global personal and administration system in the heart of an ERP.


Payroll Masters

It has the details of salary allowance, salary deductions, leave type, working day, deduction criteria, and deduction contribution.

Employee Masters

This module describes the details of designation, department and district of employees.Also the employee details can be tracked.


This module has the details of parameters considered to calculate the salary. The allowances, deductions are defined here.

Employee Reports

This module contains different functionalities of employee such as employee designation, level, salary calculation system and much more.


The report module has all kind of reports needed for salary generation purpose.Makes easy payroll management.

Search Criteria

Different mode of search is available for viewing the combination of data and reports. Also a shortcut for the manager to trace the employee salary history.

Aabasoft Payroll

Aabasoft payroll is built for everyday users. Our Employee Payroll solution is one of our key products. Payroll is the salary processing system. Payroll can be seen from two aspects. One is from the HR side and other from the commercial side. HR person process the payrolls by sending attendance details or better say LWP details and other details that an employee can get in a particular month. On receiving those details the corresponding team can make entries into the payroll software and can start salary processing. All the relevant details related to salary allowances, salary deductions are added and viewed in the system. Leave management is also possible through the system. Leave calculation, deduction based on that and all overheads will be taken care by the software. The employee management paradigms of assigning designation, department details, employee personal details and others are added into the application which can be retrieved easier later on. The tiresome EPF, PF calculation, tax calculation and much more can be processed on a single mouse click.

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