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Aabasoft Research Technology Division offer a Total service covering the entire development lifecycle related to electronics, Embedded, IoT , measurement, Instrumentation and industrial communication , from specification to implementation though prototyping, simulation, testing and verification process. Aabasoft is equipped with Latest technology and standards as a one-stop solution to all your prototype electronic development needs.

Our product Ranges from low end development kits to high level multi tasked and multiple connectivity featuring. The Domains which we covering are not limited to Data Logging, Power Monitoring, Artificial Intelligence in Monitoring systems, Signal Processing, Virtual Instrumentation, Analog to Digital transfer, Web and App based control systems, Customized solution for measurement and Analysis, Opto-electronics etc.

Innovative Enhancement of latest technologies and ease adaptive and transfer ability are Aabasoft specialty in the field of Automation and Robotics. With the support from the Experienced and Established software/web development divisions of Aabasoft, we are continuously improving our expertise in the IoT, Industrial IoT and Web enabled product development.

Our Expertise lies in

Embedded Systems

Microcontroller(8/16/32) DSP, RTOS, I2C, SPI, CAN USB, ADC, DAC, PWM, LED, LCD, LAN, etc.

Sensor Networking

Wired,Zigbee,Bluetooth, Wifi,GSM,GPRS,MODBUS, CAN, EtherCAT, MQTT

Internet of Things

Cloud connectivity, App Development, Industrial and Home applications

PCB Designing

Single,Double,Multi layer IPC, MIL, EURO Stdrs Huge Library of Designs


PLC, SCADA, Networking, Robotics, Web enabled Systems,Instruementation

Skill Development

lectronic/Embedded System Design, PCB Design, IoT Specialist, Automation

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