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"If you are burning with any provocative idea, a problem or a wrong thing that you want to be right, passionate from the start, you've to engage the mind, heart with entire effort. you should move through challenges and controversy then you will never stick it out from the inner fire."

aabasoft ceo

Mr. Thomas V Zachariah

Director - Business Services
aabasoft ceo

Ms. Safeena T A

Director – Education
aabasoft ceo

Adv. Vineed Abraham

Director-Legal services
aabasoft ceo

Mr. Girish Babu

Chief Strategic Consultant

A well made entrepreneur, Think Tank, accepted visionary and a great critic with positive outcome. He explores on the smaller ideas and details have always proven perfect success than just a task done. A great Leader! who shows how to do it, than a Boss who just says it to be done.

An Inspiration for all time! She is calm and motivational. A self-made mighty woman, who always inspires all around. The pleasing way of handling things makes her different from all others and the work environment remains vibrant when she is into the activities.

The man of legality. He is the ultimate solution when it comes to Law and Intellectual property. He is a simple and humble person who is ingenious in his deeds. His capability to excavate deep into any issues given and to come up with the right solution is really a feather on his cap.

Technocrat, multitasker and a very successful person. Founder CEO of Infopark and former CEO of TechnoparkMrGirishBabu is now the integral part of Aabasoft as the “Chief” Strategic Consultant. Humble by nature but a great visionary with extraordinary thoughts and the greatest encouragement for all to get ahead and succeed.

aabasoft ceo

Ms. Nisha Roy

Head - HR & Administration
aabasoft ceo

Mr. Jinu Thomas Joseph

Head - Business Services
aabasoft ceo

Mr.Shemeer M N

Head - Enterprise Application Development
aabasoft ceo

Mr. Harunshah Salim

Director - Enterprise Business

A work is considered to be done in all angles when she is monitoring. She never forgets! Which is the greatest catch. Dedication, Punctuality are words carved for her. The “Aabasoft Golden lady Award” Winner of 2014 to 2015 is the best coordinator for any activities.

The Words dedication and sincerity is the meaning for this Man. A simple but bold personality who leads the team with passion for job. He is not just doing his job but just lives in it. Round the clock available person with solution for every problems.

He is the “All work”. The small man with a great Brain. “Father Of CRMs” as we call him. Extra ordinary brilliance, multi-talented, utmost dedication and time bound performance is what makes him different. In short a technology savvy who loves songs a lot.

An All Rounder, an all-time activist and one who empowers himself. A good coordinator and a great business developer. His way of handling of clients and colleagues makes him the Cool Man of Aabasoft. He is also a talented speaker and co-ordinates events to an exciting level.

aabasoft ceo

Mr. Alen Antony

Project Manager - Web Technologies
aabasoft ceo

Mr. Sanil Kumar

Project Manager (IT Infrastructure)
aabasoft ceo

Mr. Anoop N Panicker

Manager-Internet Marketing
aabasoft ceo

Ms. Tinu Elizabath Shaji

Employee Relationship Manager

He always step up to a challenge, focused on success, blaze trails and always elects and goes first on any path. A great leader who always have tried to promote his team and bring the greatness in them. The support behind all technical creativity and a brilliant finisher.

A distinguished name in Aabasoft, renowned with her “Never tired” working ways. A role model in various aspects, a great mentor and supporter. Her employee relationship methods earned her many achievements and meritorious credits, which threw light on her.

Compassion to listen and a leadership with good morale makes him stand out. Unique ability to coordinate and implement adds to his qualities. His dedication and commitment to running a tight and organized team have always produced intended results.

A simple man with never failing courage. Enthusiastic in creativity, would be an actual definition. His never ending desire for new things and the crave for changes makes him the best. His SEO works are the most remarkable and holds Aabasoft the best in the field.

aabasoft ceo

Mr. Nandu Vijay

Manager - India Contact Centre
aabasoft ceo

Ms. Tara Coffey

Manager - International Marketing
aabasoft ceo

Mr. Rakesh

Manager - International Contact Centre
aabasoft ceo

Ms. Simone Lobl

Consultant Manager VoIP

Hard work is the best to describe him. His 4 years of dedication and keen interest in International contact center business has brought him to heights. A good team builder and enthusiast. His exceptional handling techniques has increased strength and enable growth.

The “smile” of Aabasoft. A manager who handles his team different from the traditional managing ways. He and his team is twice strong. He is the cheer in the group, keeping everything lively all time. He is a great motivator and excellent team player.

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