Digital Marketing for Small Business

Creating Digital Marketing Plan for Start-ups and Small Businesses

Marketers always tend to talk about the big high budget campaigns for the reason that they are quite flashy and always drive a lot of traffic but at a higher expense. Since bigger companies can afford to spend a huge amount of money on campaigns it is not at all viable for small businesses and start-ups.

We have extensively reviewed and researched on this issue and have formulated one of the best and cost effective campaigns for the small businesses and start-ups so that they too can up their game on the social media platform.

To get the most from limited marketing budget, in our guide for SMBs we have reviewed all the low-cost options through the marketing funnel shown by our RACE planning framework developed by our own Dr. Dave Chaffey. If you're not familiar with the RACE framework, this infographic gives a brief explanation - you can see it covers the activities to support marketing across the customer lifecycle or funnel and how to measure them.

Questions to get started

As a starting point, here are a few research activities to get you small business involved in the digital marketing plan:

Customer Search Behavior Research - How your prospect search is determined in the reach section – the volume and type of customer intend is understood

Customer Profiles - The types of customers who visit the websites and how many of them are leads or conversions? How is this different in comparison to traditional channels?

Competitor Research - A profitable website can be run without considering the competitors but reviewing them always gives you better ideas and helps you in spotting weaknesses and missed opportunities

Influencer, partner and intermediary research - Who are the people and which are the other websites that influence your audience as they look for the different type of product and services offered by you?

Current business effectiveness - How effective is your current business strategy and what are the steps taken to increase the throughput with the help of digital marketing?

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