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Aabasoft is extending its hands to train & mentor young bloods who are thriving to land on a passionate career, Innostack is an initiative of Aabasoft to cater this need at its best. Innostack is a subsidiary of Aabasoft who are capable of bringing that extra to the student community and also for young entrepreneurs.

The name INNOSTACK itself spreads the love for innovation and stacking it for the right purpose. We do train and mentor those who have that fire in the belly to fly high but lags due to the limitation with technology usage.

We coach them, mentor them, boost them and we will be there to hold hands to launch them to the market for exploring the beauty of being an entrepreneur. Entire world is now pushing every individual to explore themselves to create magic and we can be your catalyst to achieve that. We enjoy what we are doing and we're ready to share our experience and potential to make your dream a reality. We strongly believe in work-life balance and you can experience that feel throughout our activities. We can touch you in the best way.


Say hello and our experts will make you equipped to fill the gap between your dream and success. We can make you achieve more.


Your internship will be happening at Infopark, Kochi. Get ready to move fast.


Our culture is to help and travel with the people who have that urge to go the extra mile with great ambition. Lets explore the beauty of being an entrepreneur.

Training & Internship available in

   Android + Java

   .Net + MVC

   Software Testing ( Manual & Automation )

We are the one who can find Your First IT Job.Also, a path to your Startup Business


We used to see lots of students who are confused after their graduation regarding their first IT Job. We thought of starting this process to help these youth who are targeting their first job in IT industry. With a decade of experience in the market we have clear estimation and idea about the candidates, this is the KEY that we wish to share with all aspiring job seekers. Our training will be handled by experienced developers of Aabasoft who are experts and keen in team building and technology sharing.

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We used to see lots of training institutes in and around your place who can give you technology training, but the real fact is a training from some place is not enough in this current scenario to get your first IT job. If you are placed from college, it can guarantee you a great salary and training based on their schedule and plan to deploy you. But once you completed your graduation without a placement from college a technology training from any institute can't help you to find your first IT job. After the training you have to go through an Internship under a company which is moving on an aggressive pace, here we are who can give you an intense internship at Aabasoft.

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In this Startup trend, there are many people and organizations who can give financial support to young ideas and people, but what they are missing in this journey is the proper Legal support and Ideation. We can help you all startups to do brainstorming for ideation and perfect legal support. We have a long history of making companies successful in many manner. What we got is a team of people who are experts in many fields. You can have direct contacts and discussions with them for the progression.

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