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Indiaeve is a website that has all the details about the events happening in various parts of India. It is one of a big platform featuring events, expo, launch pad, press release and festivals of India. One can find all events, news and image gallery related to all events and happenings. All happenings related to art, science, education, stage shows and even family events are posted in the website. There are areas and regions for each state’s districts. We ensure maximum event reach by promoting events available in our website through popular social media platforms. We always monitor and analyze the changing search engine trends and make the website search engine friendly by enabling the events to attain high rating. It also automatically hikes the visitors and participants in the events. Our ultimate intention is to boost up the main events happening in India and make your visibility more. Let’s make India famous.

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IndiaEve by Aabasoft
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art event
art event details

Find the favorite art events in your surroundings. Never miss the chance to enjoy the beauty of paintings, art events and master mind works around you. A mind who enjoys art is a mind where peace resides. Let your family friends and relatives also enjoy the view of exhibitions and other camps in art. The variety and different forms of arts are tasted in each of the events we post in our portal.

lifestyle event
lifestyle event details

Enjoy your lifestyle through Indiaeve. The lifestyle events around you express and passes the information about the current trends in your lifestyle. The changing trends and fashions on various aspects of our life is exhibited via such events and happenings. Today's generation is competing in introducing the most attractive and catchy fashions that makes the viewers attention more. Never miss such informative events.

culture event
culture event details

India is very famous for its rich and varied culture. We Indians adhere strictly to our own culture and civilization. So our cultural festivals and events are also very important for us. Some run behind the splash and contentment caused on celebrating such events. Our event portal focuses on boosting up the culture and style of Indians to foreigners also. It’s yet another intention behind the initiative of Indiaeve.

education event
education event details

Education and related events are always important for us. The events that share knowledge will be helping us for a lifetime. Our portal always focuses on increasing the knowledge capacity of people around us. It’s very helpful for people in all age group. The events posted in our portal concentrate on all categories of people around us.

music event
music event details

Music is a passion for almost all the people around us. Never miss the favorite music show of any of your favorite musicians. We concentrate the main musical events happening on metros and other important places around us. The musical concerts of famous musicians happening in India are never missed by us and therefore our users also never miss such ever memorable events. The promotion of Indian classical music and culture are focused here.

sports event
sports event details

Sports cannot be avoided from Indians daily life. We are always eager to know the sports news and events happening around us. India is famous for producing such skilled and efficient sports person who has the qualities and abilities to stay on top of the list. We have our own name in sports. So Indians never like to miss any happenings or events related to sports. Every sport is a spirit for Indian youth and this is for them.

business event
business event details

India is leading in business and development. The business events happening around us focus in the development and overall financial growth of Indian business sector. The leading business giants conduct various business activities, consortiums and conferences. Such events are always an inspiration for the youth and it gives a startup idea for bright students and youths to enter into the world of business.

family event
family event details

Family events around us are always important for kids and ladies in our nation. The family events happening in various malls and convention centers are posted in our portal. We try to boost up the qualities in kids and house wives through such organised family events. The togetherness and blast happening while families join in yet another scenario of events type in India.

Why choose India Eve

  • Attractive,friendly and catching User interface
  • It never misses any of the important events in your region
  • Even normal users can become a publisher/requestor of the website
  • is India’s official event calendar and one-stop online resource to discover the best of the events in India.
  • Users can suggest events to our website and gets maximum publicity which increases your credit

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