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Cloud telephonic services

The cloud telephony is yet another service sector we have proved our name and have enough fame. We implement Cloud technology to equip your brand with the right communication means. This ensures that your Cloud Contact Center never turns outdated or idle. We understands the dynamics of your customer relationships and what it takes to keep them engaged. Right from lead generation to retention, you need solutions that revolve around your customers’ satisfaction. We provide Hosted Call Center Solutions tailored to suit your specific needs. Our platform has been integrated with leading CRM, ticketing, and analytics solutions for maximum efficiency.

We are expanding our global footprint by enacting new methods and ideas needed for triggering the business via the implementation of strategic planning. We have a method which never compromises on quality but is able to compromise with the cost. We ensure high reliability as the Cloud Telephony players host their servers in data centers.

We have the specialities of Instant activation of a reliable phone number,Features of Sales, Marketing, Support, and Internal Communication,Functionality like voicemail, conf bridge etc, Connectors (to ERP, CRM etc), Solutions for Retails, E- Commerce, IT etc,Analytics & Insights.

The cloud telephony is fit to the Newly registered company, Existing SMEs with a relatively unknown phone number,Number for newly registered website, Contact details in your just dial account, More than 20 phone calls a day ,Leads are very costly. Cloud telephony can be implemented at the starting of a marketing campaign, Starting a new line of business, starting a new operations unit, Automating a business process, starting a new source of leads based on voice/Sms

Our cloud telephony has the features:

  • Complete Control Of The System
  • Operating system administration
  • CRM Integration
  • Get Actionable Insights
  • High Reliability
  • Very Easily Scalable

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