About Aabasoft foundation

Aabasoft foundation is the togetherness and cooperation of Aabasoft employees and staffs. It is a well-established group of techies who are interested in extracurricular activities. We team Aabasoft not only focus on technological improvement of our employees but also concentrates on the cultural mental and skill development of the members of our family. We always adhere to a stress free and good working environment system. We are careful to give employees a working friendly environment via the implementation of such activities.

Aabasoft Charity

Aabasoft has its own name in the Infopark and techie world for the interest and ability in extracurricular activities and organizing of events which need ultimate cooperation and dedication from the side of employees. Aabasoft policies are such employee friendly and our management also possesses a positive attitude to all such activities. We are leading in doing the charity related activities also. We are interested to help poor and needy ones. We have gone through all the lives of people in all levels. It’s one of our economic policy to save a fixed amount of cash for charity. Whatever we spent for charity and needy goes direct to God.

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Aabasoft Nature

The Nature Conservancy has pioneered new land preservation techniques such as the conservation easement and debt for nature swaps. A conservation easement is a way for land owners to ensure that their land remains in its natural state while capitalizing on some of the land's potential development value. Debt for nature swaps are tools used to encourage natural area preservation in third world countries while assisting the country economically as well: in exchange for setting aside land, some of the country's foreign debt is forgiven.

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Aabasoft Education

Education is the prior and powerful thing in the world. The key behind the success factors of great personalities is good education and knowledge. We help the needy ones to get good education. We are interested in providing quality oriented education that focus on growth and development of our country. We are a passionate organization that works at the state and federal level to ensure equity in education. They help shape and re-shape policy by constantly monitoring the latest trends, offering solid data, and looking for problems and their solutions. Aabasoft focuses on issues like rising tuition costs, confusing applications for colleges and financial aid, and lacking resources that all work against qualified students from pursuing higher education. Aabasoft takes their mission to the national level where they advocate for equality, diversity, and positive change in education.

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