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Mobile devices with app built in the cloud are re-defining the computing world. Cloud platform equips developers with compressive solutions without having to manage the infrastructure and help them focus on ease of use and speed. Cloud helps you create agility in all your platforms and help developers focus on an excellent client side user experience and fast turnover.

Our cloud based solutions helps a developer or client with trouble free storage and analytics, with the emergence of big data and analytics. Cloud solutions come in very handy. Our cloud service is at par with the world’s best cloud service and we know that you are not second when it comes to speed. We help you create hybrid platforms or may a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Before moving on with building a mobile application, we first recognize the target market, and a client’ s target market’s willingness to purchase. Throughout 90 percent of smart phone users are between the ages of 25 and 34 years old, collected of individuals that span from single professionals to young parents. This age group downloads mobile apps on a daily basis. Out of the way from keeping the statistics in mind, it would be deliberate to focus on the downloading patterns of this group, as well as the feedbacks accept from the said individuals. Once a target market is recognized, our app developers also take into deliberation their market’s desirability and capacity to buy apps, premium services, subscriptions or in-app purchases.


When we try to design a mobile application, we keep these two keywords in mind i.e. accessibility and functionality. Mobile applications should be able to amend to the limitations of mobile devices but designers are aware of making texts too small to read, or generate layouts that are just too compact. Adjusting designs, which grant users to adjust text size and layouts, are inspired. Designs that are too difficult are usually harder to use and direct, chiefly since mobile apps are used in changeable, on-the-go situations. Over-simplified designs, on the other hand, can also guide to tedious and perplexing results as well. Once a mobile app is downloaded and installed, a user will determine to keep it if that user discovers deeper functionality within the app that uninstalling it would not even be an option.

Mobility is not just creating a mobile app. It’s something that helps to bring business activities into your mobile phone with the support of cloud technologies. It’s something that control and coordinates business from anywhere in the world using your mobile device. This is not a small deal; we are putting in extreme care for bringing our client’s business activities and their customers to the mobile phone with accuracy. We have a team of experts at Aabasoft technologies Kochi, Kerala, India for building enterprise mobility solutions that can be integrated easily with the existing enterprise ERP or CRM solutions. For making cross platform presence in a cost effective manner in the mobile apps world, Aabasoft is also offering mobile apps in HTML 5 along with platform exclusive development processes.


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Integrated Mobility Application Solutions


Mobile Applications For surveys and data collection


Shifting your application to a mobile application helps you to earn better profit and business. We have a promotion wing that makes a hike in access of your mobile application. Joining hands with us in doing your business always paves a new way of success for you. Your organization or enterprise will get a full supporting team that is technically equipped with the latest and updated technologies in each and every platform. We Aabasoft have our team at Kochi, Kerala, India that is always available to assist you in whichever application you purchased from us. The relationship between our clients and us are not broken after delivering the product. The clients once approached to us come back to us again and again which is a sign of the service we provide to them.


The mobile application development team at Aabasoft is capable of building the mobile applications within days that supports new network facilities that cope u with the changing trends in operating system and platforms. The team is well equipped and facilitated with latest technological tools and gadgets. We are specialized in Core java, JavaScript, Android APIs, Angular JS, handling Eclipse IDE, Web storm etc.

APIs, Angular JS, handling Eclipse IDE, Web storm etc. We promote the market of all the mobile applications we give birth to. We are always for your support and promotion. Doing a deal with us make you to gain a profit which goes more than you expected margin of calculation. We have the financial team and management team to support you. We have made histories of endorsing firms that were down to a level that gives a good social status in the society and capable of standing alone.

We promote cross-platform mobile application development. It has its own benefits and more clients opt for this. We are among the few companies who support all these features.

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