Refund Policy

The page describes on the refund policy we declare on using this site. It explains our refund practices. Our aim is to provide 100% satisfaction & convenience to our customers.

  • Definition: 'Refund' is defined as the action of giving back the money taken from the customer by Aabasoft
  • Following situations may arise:

    - Wrong payment was sent by the customer

  • If you need any refund for the product/ services, please contact the us and Admin team will contact and decide whether to approve or reject the refund
  • Transaction charges or other charges added during the payment will not be refunded.
  • The refund is subject to the transaction and processing time taken by the bank after it is initiated by Aabasoft.
  • The refund requests send from the registered mail id of the user only will be accepted by Aabasoft.

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