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Aabasoft is in the market with a decade of industry experience in handling end-to-end IT software solutions. Aabasoft technologies provide software consultancy services. We help you in assessing your firms working processes and offer a software solution according to the assessment. We come to you and make your tedious business processes much easier and handy.


The client may feel that he is not clear with the proper requirements they need to execute using the software in such a way so that they earn maximum productivity and saving of time and cost. We are able to help the client with their functionalities and suggest the requirements you need by studying your working and functionalities. We have a strong consulting team for interacting with clients in such cases.

Our software consulting wing evaluates the current market the client focus on based on the specifications given. Our consultants help and advise the customers to opt the correct software that suits with their organizational workflow and also the organizational hierarchy. The process of adaptation of the software selected is done by our consultants. Prior to selection of software, the functional requirements are written. We are able to reduce the risk of errors by making our consultants to approach with the clients.


We study the scope of the project which is linked closely to the suggested business processes and flow which the product we develop is going to deliver. We also integrate our customized software product into a business functionality of an organization. It can cause hike in efficiency and also decreases the costs and manpower needed. We choose the appropriate platform and technology to fulfill the needs of the product the client needs. We are always at the first level in implementing latest technologies and frameworks in each works we undertake. Our software products and business procedures are highly reliant on technology.

We also identify and follow the best practices in the industry to those who plan to revamp the entire Software product in cost effective manner. We have our own products which are ready to be customized and customerised. We always think ahead of future requirements of our customers and plan ahead for future needs and necessities. We are available at any cost to assist and support you.

Enterprise financial solutions

We design and develop enterprise application software for financial management. It makes easy to manage the tedious account and sums.

Corporate fixed asset management & tracking

We have our products to perform asset management and monitor the status of each and every stuffs in your firm.

Banking services

We also deliver products in sectors of Banking services and processes. We have a well-equipped team dedicated to find solutions in this sector.

Responsive website development

We always ensure good quality website and web products. Our web pages are responsive and is always compatible with the latest smart devices.

Customizable shopping carts

We have shopping carts which are customisable and personalise according to a customer's needs and requirements.

Enterprise CRM solutions

Business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many functions.

HTML 5/CSS/Scripting Solutions

The designs that born in our designer hands are mind blowing and attractive with their creativity and innovative spirits.

Cloud-based enterprise mobility

We provide cloud storage services for database storage, software services, web hosting etc.We setup the server for client and manage their data in our server which is shared.

Integrated mobility application

We develop application softwares for handheld devices such as smart phones and tablet computers.

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