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IIf you follow our lead it is quite simple to get on the first page in the top 10 ranking on a search engine. We work on your expectations based on your final goals and budget which we at the end of the day achieve, excel, redefine and repeat. It’s not about being first but what happened once an online surfer visits your site on the first page and everything thereafter. We make sure you have a solid foundation both for your visitors and the search engines. Why work on a search engine when you can work on your customer? After all, the algorithms created by the search engines are meant to understand our needs and the best solution towards it. Taking of all the work out the research and providing the apt solution at the right time is Google’s principle. Based on your buyer’s journey we optimize your target user which ultimately helps you to be ranked number one. When the right content comes up during the search for the intended keyword you are ultimately helping your customer and exponentiating your revenue. The remaining part of the momentum generated comes when the visitor lands on your website. Serach engine optimization is not just about ranked #1 it’s about assembling one of the best contents that directly relates it to someone who needs it which helps in organic ranking

Our approach towards search engine optimization is not only about cookie cutter reports with recommendations we provide strategies based on researched campaigns. We provide capable leads that consistently improve ROI while expanding your content creation.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search engine optimization, it involves techniques that are used to help your website rank high during the search results, as a result it helps your website to show itself based on the keywords entered by a visitor.

Rather than referring the age old yellow pages to find goods and services, people today are using their laptops and smart phones to achieve the same with the help of internet. When a query is put through a search engine a list of popular websites are displayed the visitor can then select the one which catches his/her eye.

A good SEO agency can help you ensure that your website is visible in the first page to help you increase your exposure.

The Facts

Numbers have always spoken louder than words, keeping this in mind let us consider some facts about SEO:

  • 61% of users worldwide use internets help to research for a product.
  • 44% of the online shoppers rely on a search engine as their starting point.
  • 75% of the users never go past the first page results.
  • Every month 131 billion searches are made.

The most important fact that we can note from the above stated facts is

“75% of the users never go past the first page results”

So basically if you are not present in the first page then you are not visible to 75% of the online traffic. The lower your ranking the harder it gets for a potential client to reach you and this is the time when an SEO agency steps in.

What are the advantages of SEO?

For over 11 years Aabasoft Technologies has been working with companies like yours to formulate effective strategies to help you achieve a top rank during a major search. From ranking your business to selecting the right keywords to converting leads in to business opportunities, our experienced professionals take pride in the quality of the work done by us. We provide our clientele PPC(Pay Per Click) advertisement to social media optimization to everything in between them.

At Aabasoft we provide individual attention to our clients. Even if you are in the same business as someone else, everybody has got a niche in their business and we help you realize that niche so that you can bank on it with SEO at your disposal. Our SEO service guarantees that you attract the highest number of buyers for your product with the help of the internet.

We obtain value based approach towards SEO and this is the reason why we always strive to provide you a competitive price and a work plan that has been designed just for you. We believe in helping you help us and that is the reason that we always put your satisfaction before ours.

Using Organic SEO

Traffic generated through real human visitors with the help of real human effort is known as Organic SEO. Rather than using automated processes which can violate a search engines terms and condition you should always prefer Organic SEO as it will help you in achieving long term benefits.

Instead of using computer generated codes to boost a websites ranking artificially, Organic SEO should be used to attract higher amount of visitors with the help of publishing quality contents. Organizations that use Organic SEO always enjoy a higher number of visitors than their counter parts who use computer generated codes to achieve the same. Organic SEO thus ensures that your website will not be penalized for violating the terms and conditions of the search engine.

Who Can Benefit?

Hiring a solid SEO agency will help in building a unique and effective strategy for its websites promotional activities. It is important to know that most of the enquires as of now are generated online and local businesses are using the help of SEO to bring them to the notice of a visitor.

A Four Step Process

Aabasoft Technologies takes a four-step process to ensure that you receive the best results, they are as follows:

Auditing the website: Our experienced crew examine your website and make sure that it has been designed in a way that it is easy to crawl through else they prepare a list of areas within the website which are not up to the mark and then recode them so as to ensure a successful result.

Market and Industry Analysis: The current market is analyzed and the links are identified which will be beneficial to your business model. A list of initial keywords are listed to narrow down on your niche.

Keyword Research: List of keywords that have the highest search volume and the lowest competition within the market are found, which ensure the best return on investment.

Strategy development: A specific action plan is developed to ensure keyword rich content, strategic interlinking and link building which are ultimately the key to organic SEO.

Significance of Brand Identity Building

Keywords that define your website perfectly are analyzed.

Content is generated for your webpage that are search engine friendly and also easy to scan.

The links and texts present in the webpage are optimized according to the chosen keywords.

Online reports are provided to you depending on your SEO goals.

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