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When looking at the best pay per click (PPC) management companies you want to find a company that is going to truly be a partner for your business. You also want to pick an agency that knows what they are doing or you could waste a lot of money. One of the unique advantages of PPC marketing is that you are targeting customers that are actually searching for a particular product or service. They have a need or want in that moment and you have the opportunity to get in front of them. In addition, you only pay when an interested person clicks on your ad

Twitter marketing: Build online relationships with Twitter and stay in touch with your customers easily wherever they are. Twitter posts are instantly available to view, offering ‘real time search’ on the latest information about your company.

Facebook marketing: Is one of the best word of mouth online channels for your business? Post interesting updates, news and offers on your Facebook page for all your fans and followers to see and share with their friends, colleagues and family.

LinkedIn marketing: If your business targets other businesses (B2B) then LinkedIn is a great source for online social networking. You can build a large database of targeted connections and potential business prospects, with a properly optimized LinkedIn profile. Join relevant industry groups and participate in discussions, share content and establish yourself as an expert.

Pay Per Click Advertisement (PPC)

Types of Pay Per Click Advertising Services

There are a number of ways to go about your brand through paid advertising channels, a number of campaigns can be run on different platforms which include:

  • Bing PPC

  • Localized Campaigns

  • Google Adwords PPC

  • Contextual Advertising

  • International Campaigns

  • National Campaigns

We make sure that it is our responsibility when it comes to researching the industry that our client is involved with and identifying the optimal channels to launch the PPC campaigns. The platform that deals with typical paid search campaign is represented by Google Adwords, but can also be done on Bing which is a less competitive space and thereby taking advantage of incoming traffic from multiple sources.

Benefits of PPC Advertising

Immediate Lead Generation: New products and services are promoted through ads on search engines and other distribution channels

Dominate the Page on Search Engines: New products and services are promoted through ads on search engines and other distribution channels

Pay Only for Clicks: As simple as it sounds-you only pay when a visitor clicks on your advertisement unlike conventional methods of advertisements.

Understand Your Audience: by testing different paid sources you will be able to pin-point which ads, keywords and placements generate the best result.

Our Pay Per Click Advertising Strategy

Keyword Research: To maximize exposure and keep the bidding cost as low as possible we perform extensive research while collecting the best keywords for search-based campaigns.

Segmenting and Targeting: Site visitors are segmented according to the keywords and geographic location to point out specific users for multiple campaigns, we also create multiple ad groups for both optimization purposes and split-testing.

Landing Page Development: It is the most important part of any campaign, landing pages are used to make the visitors follow a list of procedures that will increase the conversion rates and maximize investment returns.

Campaign Creation and Testing: Unique and creative campaigns are created so that it attracts maximum number of participation, the entire strategy is again re-adjusted based on landing pages, ad copy and keywords that are found to be driving traffic and targeting leads.

Ongoing Monitoring: We keep a close watch on the conversion rates and the click through rates, thereby making any adjustments that are needed in regard to bid management.

Reporting: We provide our clients with reports on a periodic basis providing a detailed campaign reports, future recommendations and key statistics about the on-going campaigns.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook PPC

Facebook that consists of more than 800 million users opens up 800 million new opportunities, involving PPC on Facebook ensures that the ad is spread to the maximum number of users and thereby generating the maximum amount of revenue making it a perfect spot to engage with customers and help them in converting.

Benefits of Paid Advertising

There is never a “right” way to get traffic but there are hundreds of way to do so. Incorporating several methods to drive traffic at one time is the way to go about it.

Reasons Why Paid Advertising Can Benefit Your Business

1. See Immediate Results

Paid search increases the speed of attracting new visitors on to the website hence making it an excellent option.

2. Testing Promotions

The instantaneous nature of paid search is a ideal way to try new promotions out.

3. Maintain Total Control

A well-crafted ad that leads to a well-designed landing page enables you to always be in total control.

4. Superb Campaign Measurement

With a nominal expenditure a paid campaign can provide you a real return on your investment. A maximum budget limit can be set, campaign results can be analyzed tested tweked and tested yet again.

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