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Business Email Solutions

Email communication has become a norm in business these days as a medium of communication. Aabasoft recognizes the criticality of e-mail and as one of the best business email service providers , it offers secure email hosting solutions to enable our clients to communicate effortlessly with their friends and potential customers. Thanks to our years of experience as one of the top business email services providers in the industry, we clearly understand the crux of creating and maintaining email hosting platforms for personal as well as business emails and services including mailing solutions for small business .

Corporate Mailing Services

Aabasoft Technologies deals with Corporate mailing Services. As one of the best business email service providers, we offer the OX App Suite email solution application as it is a consolidated cloud environment that lets you take the power of your digital life from anywhere. It allocates and centralizes contacts, emails, tasks, and calendars. OX App Suite is a cloud-based document management/viewing/editing and files storage. We provide group email, business email, personal email services, small business email hosting, and all types of other business email hosting services by means of your own option of the new domain name or merge it in their existing domain so that everyone can have their own customized email accounts for increasing your own as well as your business being there on the net. Aabasoft Technologies' corporate mailing services delivers corporate users with full control over their corporate communication and watching incoming and outgoing emails. The corporate mailing services is aimed at providing a VPS server or dedicated server for a productive webmail application; this can be used by all the employees in your company. And also, we provide a host of features for easy and effective communication. Our full-featured email solutions give protected and climbable communications at the fast step today's businesses need. corporate mailing services are handled from our end; we will handle the administration, backups, upgrades, security, and all features of these servers and the software used on them.

Why corporate mailing solutions?

E-mail addresses represent a company's corporate identity and corporate mailing solutions enhance business communication and cooperation. It is also beneficial for the relationship among the colleagues.

The act or process of improving the quality of something and replacement requirements of an in-house mailing solution includes huge cost discharge. Corporate Mailing solutions come nearby with a fixed subscription option. The bulk of mails for each and every business user grow in a quick step and the need for tools to help them to manage it more powerfully is a must today.


  • Corporate mailing services distribute collaboration and calendaring features that enable users to connect irrespective of the location.
  • Raising on-premises software can be an important task. Corporate email solutions deal with upgrades and migrations smoothly, continuously, and instantaneously.
  • Corporate email solutions are supported with multi-level helpdesk support.
  • Corporate email solutions integrate business communication and collaboration.
  • The upgrade and replacement necessities of an in-house mailing solution demand enormous cost outflow. The corporate emailing solutions come close to a stable subscription option.
  • Our corporate mail servers offer full security and privacy, no matter how vast is the mail traffic and how huge is your business set up. It is able to manage many users according to the requirement of your big business.
  • With our highly efficient business mail hosting services, all internal users can communicate over LAN, which is very cost-effective with features like Forwarding, address mapping, mailing lists, etc which are some of the particulars.

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