SQL Developer - Kochi Location

• Design logical/physical data models and create physical databases for the software development projects.
• Maintain database throughout the life cycle of a project.
• Help developers to achieve the desired performance with the database operations optimizing the database objects and queries.
• Identify and rectify database errors in a timely manner.
• Fine tune the database and the application batch programs in collaboration with application teams.
• Ensure the long term reliability, scalability and maintainability of systems.
• Perform data back-up and archival on regular basis.
• Prepare documentations regarding database design, configuration and change management tasks.
• Creating new users on SQL server and Managing SQL Server Security.
• Monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing SQL Server performance.
• Design and development of database systems.
• Review/Prepare/Deploy the Database plan for the Change Requests & Work Requests.
• Generate Ideas and Improvements- Process/Technical.

    • 4+ years of experience or equivalent knowledge in SQL query building and report writing.
    • Must be proficient with MS SQL stored procedure creation, complex query management, database structure and design.
    • Must be proficient with inventory and accounting domains.
    • Familiarity with advanced MSSQL features (linked servers, dbmail, bcp) to use in automating data delivery, file creation, notifications.

• Must be able to work under tight deadlines efficiently and with high quality.
• Must possess strong organizational skills with demonstrated attention to detail.
• Must be flexible and able to adapt in a changing business environment.
• Must possess a positive attitude and strong work ethic

• Must be proficient with MSSQL server tools (SSIS/Integration SVCS, SSRS/Reporting SVCS).
• Familiarity with MSSQL (2008/2012/2017) databases.
• Must be resourceful, industrious, and willing to take on new tasks and proactively learn new technologies to keep up with business needs.

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