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Our virtual assistance service is at your disposal.

Hiring virtual personal assistance from Abasoft could make your business process smart and easy as it is the best virtual assistant service company in India. You would not have to allot office space, a work desk, or a computer to the virtual assistant that you hire, as the assistant will work from a remote location. Just a call or an e-mail to your hired assistant will get your work done.

Many global companies have hired the services of Abasoft’s virtual offices and have availed the support of getting their daily business tasks done in a professional and smooth manner. With our full-time virtual business assistants at your service, you can save your time, space and resources, and handle your business in an effective manner. As engaged in business process outsourcing, we have a team of trained virtual office assistants, who can provide customized business solutions for administration as per your requirements.

Virtual Call Answering Assistant

In the fast-running business world, it is important for companies to keep their customers happy and confident to be the best in the field. On any given day, it has been observed that customers tend to make the maximum number of calls to your office, the other calls being made by partners, vendors, and other stakeholders of your business. Here most calls go answered with a computerized version of voiceover. Thus, having a person to answer all your calls could make a big difference in the business process. You can hire a virtual assistant from Aabasoft to answer all the calls that you receive in a business day. The assistant that you hire would answer calls during your working hours, just like your personal assistant, ensuring that all the calls that you receive are answered in a professional manner and appropriate manner.

Virtual Receptionist

Never Miss a Business Call. Every customer is important as do every enquiry. The concept of time bound working of a business has changed as well as the customer base. Businesses have got global customers in different time zones. It has become difficult to manage and business tends to lose customer querying after business hours. IVR solutions have not proved to be very effective for this problem faced world wide. It was then Aabasoft started up supporting business at their after business hours. Effective management of customers and proper transfer of queries were done with utmost accuracy and most professionally. Clients have profited maintaining their work time and ease of operation.

Virtual Admin Support

The concept of maintaining office work from different location may be thought evoking, but has been proven to be very successful. This includes all works from employee detail processing to payroll. This also includes tax preparation and bookkeeping. The opportunity is high while you can concentrate on generating business. Aabasoft aims at providing a smooth running of the administrative works. It keeps you off a physical space and equipment for admin work and saves you money and time.

Calendar and Meeting Administration

This is more like a virtual personal assistant. You do not have to appoint a personal assistant and take care of all their expenses while we can do the work more efficiently at a much lower expense. All meeting and occasions are noted as informed and timely reminders given about your daily schedule. Recordings of important meetings will be interpreted and all will be noted and documented. Your assistant will never fall ill or will be on leave and your schedules will be perfect.

Social media maintenance

Social media is as important as attending meetings and sessions. Keeping yourself active promotes yourself or your company and gains popularity. It is obvious we do not get time in maintaining our pages and keeping ourselves active when we are busy generating business. This may lose us many opportunities especially for a client who is looking into specifications and experiences. Aabasoft provides professionals who will be in sync to maintain your social media connections, keeping you active and notifying you about the latest changes and queries. Data security, privacy and ethics will not be compromised. Linked In, Face book, twitter and more can be extremely outstanding for your personal, services or products.

Returning Emails/Calls

One major factor in losing business is returning calls/emails on time. Busy schedules on current projects may hinder the building up of new opportunities. Let us do the first contact for you. Aabasoft can ensure you do not miss out on any single opportunity by giving the timely replies or calls. Handling would be done with the same professionalism as if it was ours. This can help you buy time and keeps you updated to your clients that they are important. This service has proved a lot in reducing the loss to zero. Aabasoft adds to make you the PERFECT one.

How Our Virtual Assistants Helps You?

If you want to save on costs, enhance productivity, and save time for core tasks, hire a virtual assistant from Aabasoft. Our virtual assistants have vast experience in providing the following administrative tasks:

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Call Answering
  • Correspondence Management
  • Desktop Publishing Services
  • Presentations / Spreadsheets Creation
  • Virtual Assistants for Supply Management
  • Data Entry
  • Event Planning
  • Internet Research
  • Business Card Scanning

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