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Data verification/ List cleaning constitutes the preprocess of lead generation. Since the activities may vary specifications, the core activity of the business process is to be handled by the core in-house business team. It is not an easy task to find your customer from a raw list and it would affect your productivity owing to a low customer base. Here Aabasoft as a business solution company offers business solutions by enhancing the productivity of the in-house and improving the business through the way. The raw list furnished by the client is processed by an outbound team and identifies an interesting base. This interested base is passed onto the in-house team on a real-time basis. There they need to call only the interested customers which could result in the conversion into gigantic business and more business.

Market research and survey

Outbound market research and surveys are the best way to realize your customer mindset and deliver a better product accordingly. In such a scenario, our call center agents help you to inform choices before you proceed in the business process. Our market research and surveys are done by our professional dedicated team. On the market research campaign by the call center, we canvas potential respondents every day. Herewith our support in the business process, you could get a better understanding of the market.


  • Create surveys and call focus groups.
  • Measure customer satisfaction
  • Quick campaigns
  • Save money, time, and resources.
  • New opportunities
  • Rapport with potential customers.

Outbound Appointment Services

Enhancing your growth in a competitive market is not a silly task. Professional outbound appointment services are the best way for companies to grab a large chunk of the market and grow. Aabasoft appointment services set a platform for your products and services. Our appointments services are handled by a professional team who knows how to raise your sales in the business process. Besides they also give a fillip for a sales promotion. Aabasoft appointment services is the best sales promotion channel that offers you an audience who is the potential customer for your product or service.

How does it work?

Appointment services at Aabasoft go through the following stages:

  • Contact decision-makers
  • Generate leads
  • Schedule appointment.
  • QA process to validate and verify the appointment
  • Appointment management system

Outbound Customer care services

Aabasoft offers plenty of customer care services that help to make a rapport with the customers in the business process. We have all the resources such as knowledge, technology, and know-how to manage your customers via any channel. Our customer service team helps you to design the best customer service outsourcing strategy by identifying our primary role and the current limits of your business.

We handle the comprehensive needs of the customers and enhance your brand value by working out customer relationship management strategies. As the best leading company of outsourced call center solutions in India, we follow the best industry practices for monitoring, reporting, and providing feedback to improve your business prospects. Our team uses the latest call center tools and technologies to deliver within the deadline without making any compromise on the quality.

Upselling and cross-selling

Would you like to upsell and cross-sell your products to your clients but lack of resources holds you back? Then, it is time to outsource upselling and cross-selling services to an experienced business process outsourcing company. upselling and cross-selling are held as the customer understands the pros of buying a related or associated product.

Aabasoft is one of the best business outsourcing companies in Kerala who provide the service of upselling and cross-selling services to its clients. Having experienced expertise in the field, we have enabled our clients to boost their sales by means of our upselling and cross-selling techniques.

Upselling and Cross-selling Services We Offer

It is indeed relevant to get to know what is the difference between cross-selling and upselling. Both are regarding the existing clients. Upselling and cross-selling to existing clients are very important to boost your sales and to get more profits as they confide in you and put faith in you to help them make their choices. On the other hand, upselling and cross-selling are significant in making aware of a client the benefits of an offer other than answering questions and addressing objections if any. This is where the pioneers in the business of upselling and cross-selling business process outsourcing such as Aabasoft are crucial to implementing sales tactics.

Soft Selling

Soft sell is a sales approach focused on subtle persuasion and casual language. A soft sell technique manages to make a low-pressure sales experience in the business process that is less likely to be felt by the customers from excessive pushiness. It is to be noted that soft sell is not like “passive.” Even if we don’t ask directly for the sale right away, our representatives who use a soft-sell approach are persistent throughout the sales process and knowledgeable about the product or service to be offered and expertise in that.

Moreover, We balance persistence and product knowledge with relatability for the prospect, maintaining an amicable tone to help buyers feel comfortable and at ease through the whole business process. Our agents are expertized in keeping prospects engaged for the long term without turning them off with pushy sales strategies.

Validation and Verification

Aabasoft is the best Data Verification and Validation Company in India that helps you with any of your data validation requirements. Our data validation process is standard and arranged to furnish you with the highest quality data that could be used to make better-informed decisions. Our data validation team is vigilant and offers validated data and databases to guarantee better outreach to your audiences.

We are expertise in furnishing precise data validation and data verification services in the business process. Our Data Validation services eliminate dubious records from your database and guarantee that you meet your marketing and sales goals. We provide exact valid databases that ensure enhanced open rates and minimal bounce rates to mark your global brand presence. Insurance verification, employee verification, and information verification are the main verification services that Aabasoft offers now.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Insurance eligibility verification services are the first and foremost thing in the medical billing and coding process. Most of the medical claims are denied or delayed by the insurance companies mainly owing to inadequate details furnished by the patients during their visits or when the current coverage information is not updated by the hospital or administrative staff. This makes a dent in the cash flow of the company by delaying the reimbursements.

Outsourcing this to a service Abasoft, as a business process outsourcing with an experienced team, who updates with all the regular changes in health plans and policies, would prevent delays and denials of insurance claims. Here, we offer quick and efficient eligibility verification services to global clients.

Coverage Verification Services

Coverage verification services are more similar to eligibility verification services. It focuses on products and services covered by insurance. Check-in detail is through contacting the insurance company. We have well-trained professionals to handle the services to cross-check in detail in the business process. The changes of raising objections and disputes would be reduced due to the proper management of the coverage verification system.

Doctor Verification Services

Doctor verification service is after-sales work. In the flow after sales of medical equipment, the supplier company gets the prescription and the customer’s doctor is urged to complete the processing of billing with the insurance company and shipping the product. Reaching a doctor’s office and hanging on the phone for a long time is hectic and following up the process till the prescription is obtained is not an easy task. Aabasoft has been providing services to the supplier company to get the doctor’s orders. The doctor’s office is kept in touch and the patient is verified, the mail is sent on the patient’s request and the duly signed prescription is obtained back to complete the cycle. It has been seen that the number of prescriptions obtained has increased 3 to 4 times than previously.

Benefits Verification Services

An insurance company or a service company deals with thousands of customers a day. Here, The sales team does an incredible job and obtains a lead. It is quite normal that the customer remembers his plans and benefits after some time. So repeated Enquiry calls for the benefit checks and the policy details is a norm. Handling this for an insurance firm would reduce the work efficiency and the concentration to bring up the customer base in their business process. Aabasoft can provide an excellent team to study the product and services, reply back to inquiries, and cross-checks the benefits of the service provided in the most professional way.

Debit/Credit Card Verification

Debit/Credit card payments are fast replacing traditional means of payments such as cash and checks. So in the business process, The data of these cards are sensitive and it should be dealt with carefully. The verification for a credit/debit card goes through various phases from the application of a new card, hot listing or loss, re-issue, changing information, unusual transactions, and more. This could be done only by a professional and dedicated team and with excellent process formation. Reminding on dues and offers also belong to the category. Aabasoft has got the cutting-edge technology and team to handle the process and ensure it without any breach of data.

Employee Verification

Employee verification is a hectic procedure and time-consuming. Owing to the influx of opportunities and plenty of people employed, It is almost impossible to verify all the details with an in-house team. The process involves many things including educational qualifications and experiences. This is inevitable to avert fraud activities. Information on all furnished documents is verified with extreme caution and excellent handling. Vast experience and connections hold Aabasoft as the best business process outsourcing company in the field and the best one in offering employee verification services in the industry.

Information Verification for Banks

Information verification for banks amounts to credit/debit card verification and is much a serious business to handle in the business process. Nowadays everything is online and even bank accounts are opened online. It is very much essential to authenticate the information provided to open an. All details from the documents submitted to the services offered to the customer are scrutinized properly. Data security, timely services, efficient support, updated track are the key advantages being with Aabasoft and it has proven its mettle in business process outsourcing.

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