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As far as a reputed company is concerned, they never tend to leave behind the norm of 'customer is king'. So when they hire a company for business process outsourcing or inbound customer services, they never compromise on customer satisfaction and in fact, the core objective of the hire might be to enhance the level of customer satisfaction via that business process outsourcing company with support services.

Aabasoft business services are keen to meet the international standards as per the client's requirement in setting up inbound call center services with our outsourcing experts. The norm, 'customer is the king', always dictates the terms in market and business. So the ultimate success of any product is primarily relying on the extent of customer satisfaction. Moreover, when it comes to products, upselling of the products is the ultimate output of customer satisfaction. And we realize the paramount importance of a robust inbound contact center to add a fillip to the business process. Aabasoft inbound contact centers manage call center services, technical and nontechnical customer care call center services, order taking services, appointment scheduling, inbound sales, help desk services, and claim processing, etc.

Any business entity can never cock a snook at the sphere of customer satisfaction. In effect, everyone looks forward to having optimal customer engagement. So as the best business process outsourcing company in Kerala and the best Inbound Call Center Services India, we reckon with all the factors to tender a great customer service experience in the business process. When many consider great customer services as a dream, Aabasoft call center or customer care services evinces its success of optimum customer satisfaction with its large base of clients.

As a customer tries to redress any issue regarding products or services, our team ensures that they get the proper solution for the query and never be left unsatisfied, which is achieved as a business process outsourcing company through our trained business process outsourcing company. In business process outsourcing, Aabasoft firmly believes that international standards are formidable that have the potential to tilt the business favorably. So here take this standard as the culture of the organization. Aabasoft supports planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading, disposal, and more. The 24X7 support system ensures that the customer services and redressal mechanism are always at customers' disposal. Our customer care professionals offer a dedicated and committed service to our customers via phone, chat, email, in-app, social media support, and more. The experience in the field ranks as the best one in business process outsourcing and the best business process outsourcing company in Kerala.

Round-the-clock technical support and business solutions contact center for your products are other outstanding features of Aabasoft business services. The technical expertise with customer satisfaction could enhance your efficiency and business prospects. Our well-trained and qualified professionals help us to rank at the top of the list. Well-done research and detailed study of the products and services are executed before we proceed with the business process. The same business process is designed to get the best output.

The main categories which we focus on:
  • Software Support
  • Maintenance Support
  • Product Support
  • ISP support

Aabasoft maintains highly trained professionals who are well versed in the business process of order-taking services such as capture, validation, payment authorization, sourcing, backorder management, shipping, and even other customer communications. You need to have business process outsourcing experts when you deal with order management. It could definitely enhance your sales and by the way great customer relationships. Clearcut information could be provided and regularly updated with inventory information, vendor and customer database, customer records regarding returns and refunds, billing payment information, and order processing details.


As you entrust upon Aabasoft for business process outsourcing, it manages your business process with highly skilled professionals with international standards who manage, analyze and fix appointments that are inevitable for the business process. In other ways around the business would be diminishing in returns by leaving it not focused on core businesses. In business process outsourcing, we are the best business process outsourcing company in Kerala in understanding client products and services. We arrange the appointments in accordance with that.


Direct Response Marketing Strategies make your brand an outstanding one in the market. If you are ready to manage a direct response call center for 24X7, direct response marketing campaigns could expand your client base and enhance your revenue as well. So working with the best inbound call center is the cost-effective way to support your business and ensure that the calls get answered from your end and enhance your sales.

Direct Response Advertising is the swift process of the marketing industry. The moment your ads go on air, be ready to attend calls, and call spikes are the norm for the direct response industry. Aabasoft direct response call center agents are always at its customer’s disposal to manage spikes from media, keep a tab on call flow, and meet your needs accordingly. It caters to your needs based on the response and assures you tremendous success and gains in your business process as the campaign launches.


The first step towards customer satisfaction in the business process is to provide the required information and support for the customer regarding a product or business as the case may be. This is what the help desk services exactly do in a business process outsourcing company. As a query is forwarded regarding a service or a product, or to seek guidance, the helpdesk addresses their requirement. Since it is a comprehensive pack, Aabasoft arranges a complete help desk for our clients. It is not just the queries that the helpdesk services take up, it also includes the sale of new products, upselling, cross-selling, etc.


Claim processing handles the requests of the customers to diesel with outsourcing due amounts. Aabasoft business services has a separate division for claim processing. It is exactly a transaction service, quite contrary to call centers, which have inbound and outbound services. It mainly deals with the backend work in the business process or back-office work. It consists of workflow management for the claim as a request is processed.

Since organizations could manage to focus on competent services and core business, companies rely on business process outsourcing with regard to claim processing services these days.

Aabasoft as a trailblazer in business process outsourcing offers a range of services including claim processing call centers, claim processing BPO services, etc.

  • Quick processing
  • Error-free
  • Complete adherence to service level agreement.
  • Committed and dedicated management.
  • High-skilled resources.

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