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A customer support request is an opportunity to show how credible your business is. Indeed, customers might not abandon your brand after just one single instance of bad service experience, but they would definitely snap all ties if you make a habit of providing bad customer support. Even though the telephone channel is the favorite support medium of customers, it doesn’t mean other live service mediums like email, chat, etc are less important. A great customer support system could enhance your business prospects in the market and raise consumer expectations in the business process. This is the reason why segments like outsourcing Chat & Email Support need to be robust, ensuring that customers get quick assistance as per their requirements.

When your customers get quick assistance, they would feel cared for and when they do feel this, they can’t be easily grabbed by your competitors. In the competitive arena, your customers don’t just judge you for the quality of your products but also support services. Even when your products meet international and professional quality standards, a bad support system would damage your customer base, trust, and security. To mark your vestige in the market, choosing between product and customer support quality is a dangerous game. So in order to improve your prospects, tread carefully.

Hence, the prominence of chat and email support services company comes into the scene. Prominently, the backup of a chat and email support company is crucial for business growth. We at Aabasoft know how crucial customer email and chat services are, that is why we have devised processes that could be appropriately productive and respond to them. Our aim is to not just respond to customer queries but deliver world-class chat support services and email support services that delight your customers and compel them to not just return back, but urge your good service to the world at large.

Inquiry Handling

The way of inquiry has changed over the time. Customers are all time bound in their activities and do not like hanging on the call and going through IVR and other for certain inquires. Quick and fast response is what they demand. Customers prefer putting an inquiry chat in the web, this can be done in between meetings and other conversations. The inconvenience of the taking the phone dialing and standing out is avoided. Once a reply is found the customer can make up his mind to go ahead with the chat. This is found to be most convenient very clear. Aabasoft provides instant availability to handle all queries and in a much professional way so that the customer feels like sticking on. The same applies to email queries also where the customer relies on an email conversation for future response.

Product Support

Product support service usually happens over the phone. But there are queries which are very short. The customer need not be on line for a long time to get the resolution. For example to find the reset option on a product, the customer has to dial the toll free, wait in queue, get to an operator, verify his details and then shoot his query. ISN’T THIS LONG. Where in chat or email the customer has to put in” I use this product and where can I reset it”, done! the solution is received on a click. Aabasoft provides any time assistance round the clock for all queries on the client product and services.

Order Taking

Order taking and tracking has become a simple process once integrated with Web chats and mails. The process for tracking an order was to visit the tracking site and then contacting the delivering agency which was time consuming and tedious. This has changed to easy ways of just putting in the order number to know the status now. Businesses have become more productive as order taking, tracking have all been simple and faster. Aabasoft provides experts who can handle queries, take orders, convert sales and track orders simultaneously. This resolves a large question and helps dominate in the service.

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