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Aabasoft: The best business process outsourcing company in Kerala.

Aabasoft is one of the best business outsourcing companies in Kerala which makes its operations and earnestly caters to the requirements of our clients to provide them immense support by adhering to international standards. As a business outsourcing company, it ensures that our customers get delivered properly and satisfied accordingly.

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How does a Business Outsourcing company help you?

The Digital revolution has brought in new avenues for business processes. Traditional business operations and business process outsourcing models have been reinvigorated due to the impact of digital technology. In order to remain a key player in the business process, you have to work out a robust strategy that would also be factored in by a business process outsourcing company with an excellent portfolio. As one of the best Business Process Outsourcing companies in Kerala, Aabasoft builds services for the customers and becomes a part of their business process that optimizes their strategic outputs and business solutions.


Why should you opt for business process outsourcing?

Business process outsourcing commonly refers to a task accomplished through a business process outsourcing company. Business process outsourcing offers plenty of services and options with the help of technology regarding the business process. Business Process Outsourcing is more popularly known as call centers that offer customer-oriented voice-based services o 24x7 days. Call centers constitute above 70% revenue of BPOs.Business process outsourcing could focus on the core competencies of your business, improve efficiency and reduce costs. You can do all this and more with a hassle-free system. These years, business owners have begun to realize the many reasons why big or small businesses prefer to outsource various functions and jobs.



Aabasoft firmly believes that the great customer experience in a profound manner is the backbone of any industry or business process and that makes especially business outsourcing unique. We always keep this in mind as Aabasoft engages with its customers and leave no stone unturned to deliver services to our customer as the best business outsourcing company in Kerala. It is paramount for us to keep our clients pleased and satisfied. When a client entrusts upon us a business process outsourcing especially as an outsource call center, it strives to give back them an optimum result and upsell in their business. As it has a wide experience of more than a decade in offering business process outsourcing service in a different arena. Indeed we have made successful partnerships for the business process with companies, and make the business outsourcing services qualitative and cost-effective in a timely manner.


As a business process outsourcing company in Kerala, Our business process is mainly associated with call center services. In order to keep an appreciating portfolio in business process outsourcing, we deploy well-versed, bilingual and multicultural, and talented human resources to manage the business process and handle the clients in a satisfactory manner. Aabasoft inculcates a norm of international standard in the support services, with the objective of business process outsourcing by our clients is fulfilled. It is to be noted that we offer a conducive and professional environment for our customer service agents to grow and equip them with continuous training on modern technology, soft skills, client service management, marketing, etc.

Advantages of Business process outsourcing Why prefer Aabasoft?

Cost savings: This is the most prominent reason for companies to go for business process outsourcing. If the companies hire a business process outsourcing company to manage their business process, it could save its expense and more quality would be ensured.

Reduced operational cost: Outsourcing is cheaper than hiring an employee for particular tasks. When a company contracts for business process outsourcing, it is exactly determined for the outsourcing partner as to what is to be done. Hence it reduces operational costs.

Access to educated professionals with skill sets: A company need not possess all the skills to manage a business process and that is not pragmatic at all to harness all resources from its own arsenal. So outsourcing could not only offer your educated and skilled professionals and that would improve your output.

Enhance operational performance: Quality determines your output. Outsourcing to a skilled force enhances your quality and that would make your business more profitable.

Winwin opportunity: It is a win-win opportunity both for employers and employees. As the employer hires someone to manage the business process in exchange for money, employees benefit it financially and professionally. As seasonal changes are across the world, through business process outsourcing works could be managed at any time.

Focus on business competencies: As your business expands, you are required to enhance your customer base, research and test new products while proceeding in your growth trajectory. Managing everything in-house may divert your focus away from the core business activities in the business process. Here business process outsourcing enables you to reassign non-core activities to manage your business process well.

Faster Results: When a company hires a business process outsourcing company to facilitate its business process, the burden of the outsourcing is borne by the outsourcing partner. Then the parent company could take up new projects and get better and faster results in their venture.

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Cost-effective & quality service: Take care of your costs that include hiring and training professionals which gives you more flexibility in terms of your payroll.

Robust operating structure: As one of the best business process outsourcing companies in Kerala, it offers an efficient operating structure that is mostly focused on core competencies.

Reliability & high quality of international standard: Aabasoft strictly adheres to the norm of international standards as it engages with the business process of outsourcing. It never compromises on its quality of service delivered. Aabasoft provides high-quality outsource call centers in Kerala meeting all the international standards.

Budget-friendly: Cost is the most decisive factor and Aabasoft offers its clients budget-friendly and price stability in the business process. By relying on an optimized and budget-friendly approach Aabasoft helps you to gain an edge over its competitors.

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In short "Aabasoft strategize, plan, execute and monitor your Campaigns from start to finish"

We Provides

Inbound Contact Center

The most valuable asset of a company is its customers. Customer First is the rule and Customer is God is the belief. We ensure optimal customer engagement.

Outbound Contact Center

Aabasoft is a business outsourcing partner who can understand and act accordingly to help for running a business remotely keeping all international standards.

Verification and Validation

Verification process is what comes before processing. This is as important as sales and processing. Coverage verification service is more similar to the eligibility verification services.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office.

Data Entry Services

Our data entry services can be divided further to Online data capture services, image data entry services and medical transcription entry services.

Chat and Email Services

Email service is a system for sending messages from one individual to another via telecommunications links between computers or terminals using dedicated software.

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