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Aabasoft technology has more than a decade of experience in software services and business solutions. We introduce one of our accounting product in web i.e. Account box. Accounting is the most important part of any successful business. It records all profits, losses, credits and debits. Accounting is always a tedious task in all firms. All the firms have some accounts documents in common. Account box is an online accounting solution for your business. Finance is important to an organization as the firm has to know how viable it is and balance profit with costs. Record your financial data and get the results at any time you need. Our product will be the best financial partner of your firm. Account box acts as a financial aid for tax planning, prior legal standards and all other issues related to economic planning. It enhances the profit of the firm and track the financial expenses properly.

What is 'Account Box'

Financial and accounting processes are the most challenging activities, even in a small company. The accounting packages can help our small business in day to day life, it includes preparing invoices to customers, preparing sales invoice & purchase invoice. The main motto of online accounting software is easy to use even for those people who have without an accounting education. An accounting software package is designed to make an increase in rate and boost up our accounting related tasks and procedures from end to end activities and also can deliver assessable value to firms of all types.

Also, the accounting software can improve the data accuracy. Information and a computerized accounting invoicing system fits the requirement of data accuracy and avoids the data redundancy very well. The core attractions of the Account box are Accounts, Inventory, Masters and Reports.In Accounts module describes the details of Banking, Payment, Journal, Purchase, Sales Service, Invoice, Receipt Manage user, Opening balance, Voucher management, settings, Audit & Budget. In Inventory module describes the details of inventory transaction, Create product, Opening stock, Search product, Purchase, Sales, Purchase return and Sales return. The Master Module describes the details of Customers, Suppliers, Bank accounts, Duties and taxes, general ledgers, fixed assets. And the reports module handles all accounts reports and inventory reports.

Account Box Features

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